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                One time Kahlil, Aaron, Robert, Natman and I were driving around egging people on a boring night. (Don’t tell your parents please). But anyway this is pretty funny because I do some pretty punkrock shit ya know. So like anyway we drove by this Dominos dude in the car that delivers pizza and I went next to his car and asked him to roll down the window. He was like how can I help you? I was like yo dude how much is a fucken medium man? And he was like well sir, go inside and I will assist you further in our store. And I was like fuck that man, and through an egg through the open window splattering the whole interior of the car and and the pizza dude. Some people can call me a fucking asshole, and yeah its true for this instance, but it was pretty funny. “Why would ruining someones week be hilarious Neil, you are such a douchebag!”-Conformist, non punk rock person. Hahahahahahha I don’t really think im punk rock haha its so funny though.

                Why don’t people eat orange peels? I heard they are so good for you but they taste like shit. Wtf isn’t like that? Honestly, green beans, actually everything green tastes like shit but there still good for you. Why aren’t orange peels integrated into society’s idea of a healthy food? Godamn conformists… haahhahhhahhhahahahaahhahahahahhahaha

                The paragraph above me was pretty dumb. Okay enough with the conformist stuff.

                Which movie do you like more? Superbad or Pineappple express. I hella like superbad more. Don’t get me wrong pineapple express was hilarious but the story was pretty dumb. IT was only fun because of the stupidity of the characters. In superbad the story actually made sense and was phesible (phee-se-able) I don’t know how to spell that.

                Wtf is up with all these MILFS. I am sorry man but honestly. Every time I turn around there is some really hot lady with her kids walking by. I am like why do u want to look that good you have kids. But there they are. A certain milf really catches my attention, E**IE* M*M. haha if you know who it is don’t tell him I said that please but she is so fine.

                Does anyone have a best friend? By “a best friend” I mean one. Nobody has 1 best friend. At least most people actually have best friends. I mean we like people more at certain times. I myself, have like 6 best friends. I find it so funny how the people who are your best friends are the easiest to talk shit about because you know them the best while on the other hand their your best friend so why would yo wanna hate on them?

                Wtf happened to One Tree Hill? The first season was great and I was begging for more but now the second one ruined it in my opinion. It has just gotten so stupid. They ran out of things to do with the plot so they make insignificant things more important causing viewers like me to lose my interest. It kinda makes me bad because I kept watching it for a while after I realized how bad it was because I felt like I owed it to the show for the first one.

                Favorite/Funniest TV series: Southpark and The Office. These are some pretty funny shows. Especially South Park. The office is funny because of the characters and what they do at certain times.

                My friend Natman and I had an interesting discussion. This week in one of his classes there was some random asian kid sitting there that no one had ever seen before. He was completely lost and in the wrong class and no one could tell him that because he couldn’t understand a word of English. The sub that was questioning couldn’t even find out his name and he ended up staying there the entire class. We were talking about whether he should be allowed to go to Albany high or not because he doesn’t speak a word of English. Natman thinks he should go to a preschool like English school before coming to our ELD program and that he takes up space. He was saying that if there was a fire he doesn’t want to die because there are so many people at alb high and they shouldn’t just let random asian kids in that don’t speak English and contribute to alb high.

                I hate home town buffet. It seems like a good deal because its 9 dollars and call you can eat but after a while all the food tastes the same. Its such low quality food. It seems like a good deal for you but its such a good deal for the owner. He makes sooo much money. Its almost a scandal because they buy the food is so much bulk and such low quality they make so much money.

                The school year is over and I am so juiced. I hate how finals are such a big part of your grade because its like such a big part. You can fail your final and end up with a B when you had an A. Its not fair. Has a anyone noticed how tests get more and more important as our year goes on?

                Have you noticed how the kids get smaller as you get older? Its so funny. I know I was not that small when I was in 6th grade.

my day off

hmmm my day off. Okay first of all. If this had to be the best day of my life i would have to start with the one thing that allows you to have a good day. Lets face it if you really want to have a perfect day you need money. i would wake up at 8 in the morning and rob a bank. I would walk in wearing sun glasses and a top hat and go up to the lady behind the desk. I would give her a face of reassuracne and say. "You see that guy over there in the suit? If you dont open up the register and give me all the money that guy will blow off the managers head. She would give me a good sum of money and i would be out. I would go to the Bentley dealership in SF on Van Ness and get me a car. Super nice. I would go pick up the wifey and be gone. haha but yeah what would i do next. Oh iwould go to macys. and get one of those super nice armani suits. I would have a nice suit and a bentely and be supppperrrrr wettt. Anyways, someone may ask me: all the material goood are not the key to happyness (probably spoken  by a budhist or a exostinalist or whatever we learned on friday) and my answer to that would be whatever bro. I would feeel good look good. and be good. But beleive me this is not the end of my day. I would go up to twin peaks in san fransisco and go on a hanglider and fly off into the city. Like just soar over al the house until i landed. that would be so awsome. Also i would go skydiving, paintballing and later that night. I would go to a club or something and do some punk rock stuff man.



Although I have only watched the first season of this program I fell in love with it. I could not stop watching if my life depended on it. The characters all are extremely different and as each of their personalities clash together they develop many problems on the island. The story escalates as the survivors of a plane crash notice that they are not the only people on the island. As people get mad at each other and the other people on the island start to become more familiar with their new guests it looks as if it is all bad for the survivors of the plane class. With leadership and the help of each other they build a community to stick it out on the island.

                My favorite character is a mixture between Jack and Sawyer. In a way this book is a lot like The Lord of the Flies.  I like the leadership qualities of Jack and the savage characteristics of Sawyer. If they both were together I think they would be the best leadership but sadly they hate each other.

                In the book LOTF there are two main characters: Jack and Ralph. Ralph is the nice chill guy that everyone likes and you can relate him directly to Jack in Lost. Jack in LOTF is a savage cruel mean person that can relate directly to Sawyer in Lost. In both the book and the television series a group of people are dropped on an island and were suppose to fight for themselves. Lost is more spiced up then LOTF because there are magical and mystical things that go on in the island but the same setting is maintained.

I dont really like this blog that much so dont be mad if i didnt follow directions please

This is not a pipe

This is not a pipe


I choose this piece of art due to its simplicity. It is not a real pipe but a drawing of a pipe. But in a way it is a pipe because a pipe would have to exist for him to draw it. What are the functions of a pipe? A pipe is meant for smoking out of. You light the top and inhale the tobacco (or dro) from the end. The smoke trickles down your through burning your lungs and causing cancer. But this drawing cannot do any of those things. You cannot put tobacco in the drawing of a pipe. You cannot light the pipe. It is useless but still holds the image of something that can complete those functions.

            This drawing of a pipe is not a pipe. It is a representation of a pipe. It is a duplicate that cannot do the same functions as the real one. I can relate this to the movie iRobot. In this movie robots try to take over humans because they become smarter than humans. It is the same thing with a pipe. We made the duplication of human beings (robots) to do the same things we do because we are too lazy to do them. The lazy part does not relate but the duplication part does. This artist duplicated the pipe instead of drawing it to show the simplicity of it.

            This kind of makes me angry in a way. Because most people would be like yeah it is a fucking pipe and those mystical douchebags would be like no its just a drawing of a pipe, not the real thing. Fuck those people. It honestly is a pipe. He drew it. It’s a pipe in the context of drawing. It looks exactly like one. Another thing that pisses me off is art. How can people make something as stupid as this and has two meaning and get rich off of it? I am jealous.

May. 3rd, 2009

Last night was a cold dreary night so i didnt go out. Instead I stayed in and had a wonderful time. Sweatpants and a blanket made me snuggle on the couch and a warm fire blazed near me giving off warmth. Although i was by myself i had a warm feeling inside of me as hot chocolate ran down my throat. The fire emitted a warm essence that not only changed the temperture of the room but also made the dreary cold outside fade away into a melting ball of snow. The one thing i was missing from this perfect night was some company. I took of my blanket and went upstairs to find Rocky. I grabbed that cute little black fluff ball and brought him downstairs. As we watched the movie his claws dug into my leg as he purred. I petted him softly and I could tell he was in heaven. (sometimes i let his head seep in between my legs like Geraldine from the bluest eye...just kidding). When the movie finished I was in such a heavenly state i relaxed there for another hour basking in the warmth.

(Hahahaha this definitly didnt happen)

5 question survey

1. Who is the most inspiring person (for you personally) in your life? How and why do they inspire you? You may see them as a personal hero or a role model…

 I dont have just one role model. A bunch of different people inspire me for stuff they do/accomplish. And i mostly try to look at the positve sides of people. For example i would admire Tony Soprano for dominating New Jersey. But not try to be so attracted to the violent part. Idk. This question is kinda dumb for me because I really do not have that many people to model my self after.

2. If you had one weekend to spend 10,000 dollars, and you had to spend it, what would you do/buy?

 Well consideing i owe my dad about 2000 dollars i would give him that. Then i would go buy a car and drive it around all week. I am thinking a grey camero or grey mustang. I would tint the windows and put a good sound system and black rims. haha I would be so raw but yea thats what i would do.

3. If you could go back in time to change any one event, what would it be, and how would changing it affect the world moving forward FROM THAT POINT?

 I would go back and jump in front of the bullet that was fired at arche duke findernand so i could stop World War I. We would havce so many more things as of now if that hadnt happened. So many lives would be saved because in a way WW1 led to WW2. All of the lives would be saved from both wars. Some of the people taht died could have known or invented something that would better our econonmy.

4. If you could un-invent something, what would it be and why would you un-invent it?
If i could un-invent something I would un-invent bombs and big explosive toxic chemicals and radiation poisoning and stuff like that. That stuff is the disgusting stuff that is ruining our earth today. There are so many chemicals and contaminated land spots in the world and it is blight on society.


5. What film most accurately resembles your life? Make the connections clear using traits/aspects/characteristics/characters of the film. Consider approaching this a bit like an essay--you must have some concrete details from the film that you connect to concrete details from your life. ELABORATE!

 I have no fucking idea. Acouple of movies would have to be spun into one movie to resemble me.

6. SHORT ANSWER: What is the best not chocolate dessert?
vinilla ice cream with strawberrys on top. It is so goooooood...haha

Apr. 10th, 2009

Forward to blog: well i dont really listen to that many real songs about real stuff. I listen to music on the level where it sounds good and makes you feel in a specific mood. I do not listen to music on the level where it has real meaning or says stuff that actually matter in the real world.

Turning Heads by Lloyd, Franchise boyz

I choose this song for its smoothness. The beat pounds and has a smooth tone. The chorus is my favorite part of the song. "She wanna kick it in my pimped out cheverely..." Lloyds voice makes the song drift from here to there. Lol idk but this song is pretty good. It sounds the best when you are going over the bay bridge. Idk why but it does. It makes you look at the city in a good way. The main part of the song that i like is the beat. This one of the best beats i have ever heard. When i am angry i sometimes listen to this song and it puts me in different mood.

Honey wit me by Young L

I choose this song because the beat drifts me to another place. When you listen to this song it sounds like a nice love song but it is really not. If you listen to the lyrics it is kind of vulgar but whatever. The beat and Young L's digitly edditted voice makes it sound pretty good. The mood this song puts me in is definitly a submissive state. I am calm and leisurely when i listen to this song. It provides some relestness also. The beat is kind of fast and that makes me want to do something. Lol its confusing i know

Thingy Pleaser by Lil Wayne

This song makes me want to do stuff. It is calm and the beat goes hard but it makes me want to put on some sunglasses and be cool haha. This is definitly one of the chillest songs i know. Although it is nasty, idc its still raw. haha but yeah this song is pretty good. Right when you think it is about to end another rapper comes on and spits hard lyrics on the track.

Clothes (Lifetime)

Clothes over my lifetime


Lets see well I first started wearing jeans back in 7th grade. All before that I had worn shorts due to the fact that I was always, and I mean always, running around. (Sy remembers those reversible blue shorts). Basically my mom was like Neil u need to start wearing jeans because you look hella stupid. I was like okay and she took me to TARGET(which is the best store btw) and I bought some jeans. I had three pairs of jeans. The first two were those cargo ones and were exactly the same. The last ones were some bight off levis that I wore a lot also.


            The Got Something phase hit me in the end of 7th. IO had bought a silk screen and had tons of white shirts. I had a business where people would pay to have me write some thing and I would put it on a shirt. For example my favorite shirt was got curry. I had a shirt that said got curry on it and I wore it to school. I made all kinds of shirts for people mostly based on religion. For the jewish people I would make a shirt that said got Torah or some stupid shit like that because I was kinda funny back then and did funny shit. For asian people like sy and cole I made got rice hahha.


            8th grade was really the year when I started caring about what I wore. I was hanging around a different crowd back then and dressed like they did. Big shirts and big jeans and all that. I was also lightweight fresh with the akademiks and ecko. Oh ya that reminds me. “ecko”..i used to wear that shit so much. I had so many different shirts of the same brand. It was funny actually. At the end of 8th grade I got a job at a clothing and hat store. That’s when it got to a whole other level. I was all into that LRG shit and wore all the fake LRG jeans that were sold at the store.


            I went through the plaid short phase in the summer of 8th into 9th grade. I wore different kinds of plaid shorts all the time.


            Basically with the whole shoes deal. IT went from”air forces to thousands of air forces that I sold hahaha. To just vans bro. Now I only fuck with vans. Thanks to morgan because he introduced me to the real freshness of them. I also wore some Nike SBz in the summer of 8th grade but they hurt my feet so it was bad.

Interveiw 2

1.  Do you believe in karma?
Yes I definitely do. It happens to me all the time. Bad shit happens me because I am decroted and an asshole. No but honestly it happens to me so much. In 7th grade I stole this dudes wallet and then later that day I got robbed on the bart tracks for my ipod. It is not a coincidence because I knew if I hadn’t stolen that wallet I wouldn’t have gotten robbed. Karma is god’s way of making people pay. Although some people deserve more bad shit to happen to them it still exsists.
2.  What one current event in any aspect of world news do you think is being most neglected or underrepresented?

3.  If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why?
I would have the ability to fly. On Wednesday of last week I was in the city with Lorenzo and Nathaniel and we had an hour to kill. I was in the sunset district and I went to the top of this little mountain type thing. It was the most amazing view I had ever seen. You could see Indian Rock across the bay. I decided that I wanted to fly off of it. It would be sweet. And I have always been attracted to stuff like hand gliding and sky diving.
4.  If you could invite any 5 famous people or characters to your birthday party, who would you pick?

Hannah Montana, Vanessa Hudgens, Eve Longoria or however you spell it would be the first three due to the sexyness each one posses. It would sweet to have them at my birthday party. And they also have great personalities. Sykkke. The last two would be Seth Rogen because he is fucking funny. And the last one would be Fogal.

5.  If you could live in any film or book, what would you select? Would you want to be one of the characters, or would you want to be you (introduced as a new character)?
Omg I would so totally live in 1 tree hill. Even though that’s a TV show so nevermind. Well I would probably want to live in Harry Potter. I would want to be a new character and be involved in the story somehow.
6.  Who of your friends would make the best president? I can't wait to know why.
I can relate this question to that free write question we had earlier this year about who would you vote to be Island Leader. I would have to say Aaron Penkrugar because he views on society are the best…. Lol Cyke
7.  I used to always trip out that my strawberry Chapstick tasted so strongly like strawberries (and why was I eating so much Chapstick?). Then I realized that it wasn't the taste that was strong; it was the smell. They say that smell is the strongest sense (and I agree). What is your favorite smell? USE CONNOTATIONS, FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE, OR ANALOGY in your (butter) saucey answer.
My favorite smell is the smell of lemon. It is wonderful. I love the original scent. The way it drips into your nostrils and fills your mind with the picture of olive gardens. I love how it seeps through your brain as if you were gliding through the ocean with tiny little rainbow fish all around you. It is a magnificent smell. (haha)
8.  Ignoring our budget crisis: If you could invent a new class for AHS to teach, what would it be? 
I would teach a class on automobile are. Probably because I want to learn more about this. Also I didn’t know anything about my car and after fucking it up and having to fix it I learned more. I don’t want others to go through this same shit when you got a flat tire. So I would teach a class on it.
9.  Identify any symbol from any film ever (pick your favorite if you can think of many from which to choose). Identify what it means and why you picked it.
From my favorite book of I am David I pick the symbol of colors. David (the main character) used to live in a concentration camp and escaped. At the concentration camp there were only dull colors of grey and green and brown but when he went to Italy to run from the Germans he saw beautiful blues and reds. The symbol of these colors shows that a person needs to discover more about the world before they judge stuff.
10. Will humankind still exist in 300 years?
No it will not. Eventually the ozone will melt and we will run out of gas and stuff. There are already predictions of the world being over soon anyways. Also wars are big problems. People die everyday of disease also. Tons of factors are leading to our world ending in less then 300 years.
11. What is the most embarrassing song to ever grace your IPOD? Why was it there, may I ask?
The most embarrassing song to ever grace my ipod is…well I forget what its called. It that one song they play in that movie “White Chicks” I had it on there and I was at this party. We were playing music and I pressed the shuffle and that song came on and everyone started laughing. It was pretty funny actually.
12. Did you support your answers?

Yeah, Although some of them I couldn’t do that much serious stuff on I answered them to the best I could.


            One day me and my friend, Lorenzo, were going to get a quick bite to eat. He wanted Indian food and I wanted Mexican. Being half Indian, I eat Indian food every night. I am used to the flavors of curry and naan. I know to much about the chicken curry and how sometimes its too spicy. Also, you can never go wrong with a gordos burrito. (Sorry mr. Ross but im not copying you, I really like burritos also lol). I would have made the trip to in and out except for the fact that I couldn’t drive due to shaabaapppin or what my dad knows as other cars hitting me and having nothing to do with my driving. I have these dents in my car and there pretty bad and my dad wont let me drive for a couple weeks cause he is mad… Anyways about the burrito, the flour tortilla with the cheese on top is my favorite part. The cheese melts perfectly onto the tortilla. The cheese is often a square size and fits into the tortilla so that even if you take a bite you will always bight into cheese. The big square of cheese melts on the circular tortilla. I don’t get beans because they are nasty to me. Everyone always thinks I am weird and ask what’s the point of getting a burrito without beans? I just have a problem with them. They don’t taste good to me. The only thing I like them in is that Spanish rice that you mix with beans and when you have salty chips that you can dip into a bean dip from Safeway. Anyways, I always get the grilled chicken, sour cream and rice. I get the rice because it makes the burrito more flavor full. I get the sour cream because it allows it to go down easier. I get the chicken because you have to have meat in your meal to make you full. That is my burrito now here is the common setting on which I would get it.

            I just finished playing a couple of games of basketball on a Friday. In between games I would be texting my best buddy in the whole wide world, Lorenzo, about when we would meet up and what we would do later. It would be around 5:30 and I would realize I was hungry. My dad is never home on Friday evenings and my mom doesn’t get back until 8 so I knew I would have to get my own dinner. I would meet up with Lorenzo and we would decide where to go. When we decided to go to Gordos I would use the money I won from the games in basketball (most of the time I win… /: ) and spend it on the burrito above. I would eat it in the store and savor every last bite because I don’t eat out a lot. I try to save money and eat at home as much as possible. Lorenzo has a weird order. He gets the green tortilla. I don’t know why because I tried it once and it didn’t taste all good. What makes them green? What are they made out of? He also gets a lot of guacamole which I don’t really like too much. The thing about guacamole is that sure its good and everything but most of the time its not salty enough. Also I think it is better on chips and not on a burrito. If its on a burrito it tastes nasty to me. I think that sour cream is the best on a burrito. Its rich and has that flavor you want. When I go wit my boy Crisis (kahlil brewer 4th period) He gets the same thing I do but with beans. I am really just talking about random stuff to make this longer as of now… But anyways Crisis likes to eat a lot of burritos. It probably explains why he is so big. Oh now that I think about it I remember this one time I was so fucking hungry that I ate two super burritos. It was not good because after the second one about twenty minutes later I played basketball and threw up. It was not good. Anyways thank you for reading my blog and I hoped it made you think about burritos and stuff because that was my purpose….

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